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img_app_05.pngINDION resins are used for deashing and colour removal in gelatine, liquid glucose, sorbitol, dextrose and malto dextrine manufacture. INDION resins find application in the removal of alkalinity from the wash water in the beverage industry. The other application include stevia purification and debittering of fruit juices. Inversion of sucrose into glucose and fructose using INDION resins helps in reducing sugar consumption in the beverage industry for low calorie beverages.
Glucose, dextrose and sorbitol deashing
Products PDS MSDS
INDION 225 H icon_pdf.png icon_pdf.png
INDION 525 H icon_pdf.png icon_pdf.png
INDION 860 S icon_pdf.png icon_pdf.png
INDION 790 Na icon_pdf.png icon_pdf.png
Beverage water treatment
Gelatin deashing
Stevia purification
De-bittering of fruit juices
Sugar inversion
Other specialty resin