Pharma Grade Resins


Ion Exchange is the first company in India to establish and promote use of ion exchange resins as Pharmaceutical Excipients. We are accredited with G.M.P Certificate by the Food & Drugs Control Administration (FDA), Gujarat for manufacturing bulk drugs. INDION pharmaceutical grade resins are manufactured in state-of-the-art ISO 9001 & 14001 certified facility and are widely used in India and other countries.

INDION Resins are used as active pharmaceutical ingredient for tablet disintegration, improving palatability of ionizable drugs as taste masking agents, for treatment of hypercholesterolemia & hyperkalaiemia, sustained release of drug, vitamin B12 stabilisation and many more.

Drug actives
Products PDS MSDS
INDION 404 icon_pdf.png icon_pdf.png
INDION 454 icon_pdf.png icon_pdf.png
INDION 254 icon_pdf.png icon_pdf.png
Taste masking
Sustained release
Tablet disintegration
API/ Nutraceuticals processing
Conversion of sodium ascorbate to ascorbic acid
Conversion of sodium tartarate to tartaric acid
Nicotine taste masking
Herbal extract purification
Reduction of hydrochloride from n-butylamine hydrochloride